Why Adequately Prepare During a Crisis

To Save Lives

Once you have advisories and prepare for them, then you minimize losses. When you live in an earthquake-prone area, you move to higher grounds once you get a notification of a pending earthquake until the place is considered safe.

With this, you reduce the rate of life loss and keep it at zero. Most natural calamities have impending signs; once you have them, as long as you are prepared within short notice, you can evacuate to safer grounds and minimize loss f life and property.


To minimize losses

If you understand the area in which you live, you can quickly know the structures to build that can withstand the prevailing weather conditions.

Therefore, you can quickly minimize losses, especially property, since you tend to take care of structural differences.


To understand the environment

You can only prepare when you have a better understanding of the environment. Preparation makes you know the physical environment; therefore, make informed decisions on settlement and growth patterns to prevent losses.


To make informed choices

You need a peaceful old age day, you can’t afford to have your retirement home in an area you are prone to calamity, and you have to move all the time.

Your health may not allow you, and the hassle and inconveniences may not be suitable for you at that age.

Therefore, early preparation and getting information about climate changes and extreme weather conditions comes in handy to make informed decisions.



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