How We Do It

We organized training of targeted groups to equip them with information and first aid skills. They disseminate to relevant stakeholders for a globally informed public to prepare for any eventualities.

We also focus on prevailing conditions that surround victims to make them aware of the environment.
We inform you what to have in your preparation kit. Some of them include a passport, local currency cash, medical prescription, first aid kit, lighting source, and non-perishable goods.

People living in camps or displacement camps have a lot to learn in terms of preparation.

Some of the things you will get informed about include

Some of the things you will get informed about include:

• How to prepare for natural disasters
• How to detect changing weather patterns and how to prepare for it
• Dealing with evacuation emergency plans
• How to access information on current issues during a crisis
• Global statistics on natural disasters
• Tips on survival tactics during natural calamities
• Travel guides during emergency cases

We earmark areas prone to natural disaster and advice accordingly. This includes structural designs, dos and don’ts, on liaison with the state officials and the legal entities.

For humanity, we liaise with a humanitarian organization to offer psychological and food aid to give them hope during trying times.

We tailor our programs to suit diverse locations and various natural calamities.


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