Crisis Survivor Tips

We educate you on survival tricks to prevent further damage and adverse effects of natural disasters.

No one plans for a crisis; it just hits. At times, it hits when you least expect and you least prepare. Environmental disasters are the worst calamities on the globe. They destroy property and lives.

When lucky to be alive, life must move on; how do you move on with life when you are emotionally and physically disoriented?

The kinds of disasters we are talking about here are earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, heatwaves, among others.

Extreme climatic conditions are the leading cause of significant disasters; they can get you while travellings the main or at home or in a holiday camp.

The meteorological department tries as much as possible to give you warning signs and preventive measures.

Still, some of them never get detected on their radar and hardly hit individuals and communities.

No one wants to get to the melee, but knowledge is power in surviving the storm.


To become a leading institution on advocacy and helping people go through grief, survival and disaster management during a natural calamity.


We want to save more and more lives and property through early detection and preparation, never to be found off guard during a calamity. Our vision is to share knowledge and survival tips in cases of emergency. We want to change the perception and level of preparedness. We ensure everyone is knowledgeable about disaster management and preparedness.

       We provide a comprehensive guide on causes,       effects and preventive measures during such times.

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