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The Right Attitude, The Most Important Survival “Tool”

Amidst all the work of stockpiling supplies and preparing survival equipment, it can be easy to forget about preparing the most important piece of survival equipment of all. In fact, some people do the exact opposite, fueling their fear. If there’s anything that can kill you in a survival situation, it’s having too much fear.…

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The Ultimate Bug Out Plan…With Kids!

Bugging out with kids can be a challenge. In fact, it can be enough of a challenge that I would try to avoid it, unless absolutely necessary. Kids have a hard enough time traveling when you go on vacation, a bug out will be considerably worse. In any bug out plan, you have to assume…

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How to Use Animal Bones for Survival

Learning how to use everything you see around is important, especially if you are stranded in the wilderness or in a hostile environment. Sometimes the things that you consider as scraps and you normally toss in the trash can be useful. The ancient man is the greatest survivalist – he had learned to use every…

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3 Possible Survival Scenarios & How To Prepare For Them

The one who possesses the abilities and means to survive in a particular environment lives on. If suddenly an apocalypse dawned upon us and the world as we know it is turned upside down, do you have the abilities and means to survive? Survival is instinctive; it kicks in the moment we are faced with…

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7 Unusual and Weird Survival Tools

Today I’m sharing some really weird survival items you don’t usually think about adding in your prep kit, BOB or stash. 1. Cigarette Tobacco can be a survival tool too. Cigarette can be used for medicinal purposes. How? Cigarette can act as an anti-parasitic. How? Eating cigarette can get gut worms out of your system.…

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