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Why You Shouldn’t Plan on Living Off the Land

 Bugging out has become one of the hot topics that defines the prepping community. Everyone has a bug out bag and everyone is planning on getting out of Dodge if things fall apart. Part of that comes from the idea that many preppers are expecting a serious enough of a disaster to cause a general…

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How to Choose a Bug Out Location

When SHTF, and you need to get out of your city fast, do you have a bug out location? Planning for and choosing your bug out location as early as now is important. Different locations will need different planning. Bugging out in the mountains is different from bugging out in the plains. When bugging out…

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Lifesaving Bug Out Bag Checklist

In the blink of an eye your world could be turned upside down. It could be a natural disaster, a military strike from an enemy nation, riots caused by an economic collapse…whatever the case: There will come a time when you have to get out. And get out fast. When that does happen it’s essential…

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