The Pill Bottle Survival Kit That Could Save Your Life

You can’t carry around lots of survival kits everyday. Most people make small survival kits so that they could easily carry them everywhere they go. Making your own survival kit with the use of a pill bottle is easy. All you have to do is think of the things that you can put in the bottle and things that you can use in an emergency situation.

Here are some contents that you can put in your pill bottle survival kit:


Place at least 2 matches in a drinking straw to keep them waterproof.


Photo: flickr/Michael Summers

Birthday candles

Use these candles in building fire.

birthday candle

Photo: flickr/Marie Coleman

Fire Straws

You can make your own fire starter straws. All you have to do is insert cotton with petroleum jelly in a drinking straw.


Index card

Use index card in building a fire, writing note, making a map, or you can use this to mark a trail when you got lost.

index card


Safety pins

Use safety pins to hold your clothing together or as an improvised fish hook.

safety pins

Photo: flickr/Konstantin Lazorkin


Dental floss

Use dental floss as a fishing line or you can use it when sewing torn clothing.

dental floss

Photo: flickr/Bret Arnett


Use tweezers to get splinters out.


Photo: flickr/kip



Ibuprofen can help you ease the pain, relieve fever, and reduce inflammation.


Photo: flickr/allison

Cotton balls

Use cotton ball as tinder or as a blood clotting tool.

cotton balls



Alcohol wipes

Use alcohol wipes in cleaning your wounds or sterilizing a needle if you need to stitch your wound.

alcohol wipe

Photo: flickr/TheKarenD



Cover minor wounds using band-aids.

band aid




Keep some money in your pill bottle kit.


Photo: flickr/401(K) 2012



Aluminum foil

You can get a piece of aluminum foil about 12.5″x18″. You can make this into a makeshift container or as a windbreak for your fire.

aluminum foil

Photo: flickr/Lauri Rantala



You can also wrap the pill bottle with 550 paracord


Photo: flickr/Fabio Bertoldi



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