Fire Starter Review: Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel

Survivalists and outdoors men and women usually have three or more different fire starters in their packs at all times: water proof matches, fire starter tablets, lighters, firesteel, etc. The ability to build fire is very important in a survival scenario; your very life depends on it. So when going camping, hiking or when prepping, it is always recommended to have more than one type of fire starter and have lots of each if possible.

For the ultralight hikers, one of the favorite fire starters is the firesteel. This survival gear has a number of benefits including:

  • The ability to light canister or alcohol stoves pretty fast
  • Long life – the average firesteel is good for approximately 1200 strikes
  • Its portability
  • Its ability to work even after getting wet

The Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel is just one of the many fire strikers designed to be highly portable and useful in building fire outdoors. Note however that using any kind of firesteel requires some skill. You must know about tinder, kindling and fire lays to be able to use this fire builder effectively. This fact should not be taken as a downside though because learning how to build fire in general is actually very beneficial when you find yourself in a survival situation.

The Original Swedish FireSteel by Light My Fire has the following specifications:

  • Compact fire starter designed to light fires in any conditions
  • Provides 2,980-degree C spark in any weather, at any altitude
  • Ideal for lighting campfires, stoves, and gas barbecues
  • Striker lights up small piles of dry grass, paper, and other flammables
  • Lasts for 12,000 strikes; approved by International Survival Instructors Association

Though you can find tinder outdoors, it will be easier and faster to build a fire if you bring your own along. The firesteel can light up very fine strips of newspaper, dryer lint or cotton balls pretty fast.

Also, with the Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel, you should try to make short, repetitive strong strikes for bigger and hotter sparks that can ignite tinder quicker.

If you are going to have only one fire builder in a survival situation, you are far better off to have one of these. The only downside to it is the cost; it is not exactly in the cheap department. But the investment is worth it because it is easy to use or learn to use, very portable, can withstand rough handling and can work when wet and at any altitude. You can get it here for lower than the retail price.

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