7 Super Effective Ways To Use Chapstick In A Survival Situation.

As such, finding things that work for multiple different things will benefit you greatly in making the most of your survival kit and packing as many things as possible.  Using this simple product can save your life!

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Keep your skin free from harm in harsh weather conditions.

Use Chapstick to protect your skin from frostbite or sunburns.

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Protect raw skin against sores.

Prevent blisters by using chapstick. It can help reduce and heal them more efficiently.

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Reduce bleeding from minor cuts and scratches.

You can use chapstick for smaller crapes to reduce bleeding and the spread of infection.

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Grease up zippers and tools.

If you want to keep rust away from your metal screws, nuts, and bolts, grease them up and easily prevent this.

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Prevent your weapons from rusting.

Preventyour  knives, hammers and things that are prone to rusting by rubbing chapstick over the surface.

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Remove stuck rings.

If you get a ring stuck on your finger, whether it be from swelling or just the wrong fit, a little chapstick will help it come off with ease.

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Create a semi-waterproof and protective shield for leather.

Spread some chapstick across the surface of any leather material and it will act as a vigilant defender against outward elements as well as help it become partially resilient to water spills.

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Create a temporary candle.

You can use chapstick as a firestarter and create small candle that doesn’t last very long.

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Sustain kindling.

The chapstick will help to spark the flame more quickly and have it last longer using cloth, pine needles and more. 

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Mend small holes and cracks.

If you’re experiencing tiny holes in your tent, clothing fabric, and more, apply a bit of chapstick over the area and it will automatically seal itself.

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Safely store money.

Just as an empty chapstick tube can be used to hold money, it can also store other small items such as medicine tablets and pills, q-tips, cotton balls, matches, and more.

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Chapstick is one of the best multipurpose addition to your survival kit.

Source: https://www.survivehive.com/general-preparedness/survival-uses-chapstick/

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