How to Choose a Bug Out Location


When SHTF, and you need to get out of your city fast, do you have a bug out location?

Planning for and choosing your bug out location as early as now is important. Different locations will need different planning. Bugging out in the mountains is different from bugging out in the plains.

When bugging out in the mountains, you need wilderness survival skills. Skills such as hunting, foraging, looking for water and using available resources there to build shelter and fire. If you’re bugging out in the plains you have to find a location that is far from other people and far from the main roads. The plains have fewer resources than the mountains but you can make your garden (in case it’s a long-term crisis or a real SHTF scenario), just make sure that you have a good water source.

Here are some useful tips for choosing the right bug out location:

  1. Choose a location that has different routes so that you can go there quickly. Your bug out location must have at least 3 different routes to get there. Avoid dangerous and populated routes.
  2. Choose a bug out location according to how long you plan to stay. If you will stay at your location for a long term, you have to make sure that your location has a good source of resources that you can use.
  3. Choose a location where there is a good water source. When you are near a water source you don’t have to look for water in other places, going to other places to find water can be dangerous for you. Find a location that is near to a lake, well, river, or other natural water source.
  4. Do not choose a bug out location where there is a lot of people to avoid riots and people who want to steal your supplies. A location that is well-hidden from other people is ideal.
  5. Choose a location where you can build a good shelter for you and your family. It is also best to know the weather in your bug out location so that you will be able to build the right shelter.
  6. Choose a location where there is a good source of food or where you can start up your garden. Having a bug out location with enough food sources is important. At least you don’t have to worry if you ran out of food supplies. (Self-sufficiency is key to long term survival during a great crisis. Gardening is one way to be self-sufficient. If your bug out location is ideal for starting a garden, start it now. Remember that it is not practical to only start growing your own food when the crisis hits because it will take weeks to months before you can harvest anything from your garden and by then your food supply would be severely depleted.)
  7. Make sure that your bug out location is safe for you and your family to stay. Do not choose a location that is near wild creatures. Do not put yourself and your family’s safety in danger.
  8. Choose a location that can accommodate your whole family.

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