From Beer Can to Functioning Camp Stove

beer can stove

Outdoorsmen and women will definitely love this video I’m sharing today.

It shows you how to make a stove from an empty aluminum can which you can use to boil water or heat food while camping.

The materials you’ll need to build this stove are:

– an aluminum can

– a pocket knife

– rubbing alcohol

Watch the video (be sure to watch it until the end as it shows all the necessary tips and trick to extinguish the fire safely and store the stove for later use)…

Pretty cool isn’t it?

The alcohol is easy to ignite and it’s a fuel that is always available in campers’ packs and preppers’ EDC and BOB. Aluminum cans are not exactly difficult to come by either. Making the stove itself is very easy, anyone can do it. So this trick is definitely something for the books, one that can come in useful not only when camping but when a major disaster or calamity reduces us to our most basic resources.

Kudos to Armen and hat tip to Tom Allen

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  1. Bear Cat on November 29, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Rubbing alcohol is not a good fuel for cooking, as the water interferes with combustion. Denatured alcohol is much better; it burns much cleaner. Great tip on the can crimping!

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