DIY Survivalist Project: How To Make A Fishing Spear The Old Fashioned Way and A Paracord Hunting Sling

Isn’t it great to be able to walk freely in the wilderness with the skills and knowledge and tools that you have? As a survivalist, you should learn different skills that you can use in the wilderness. One of the skills that you need to know is foraging for food.

When you are in the wilderness you need weapons to hunt food. There are two ways to find food in the wilderness.One is by fishing and the the other is by hunting. You can quickly make a fishing spear using a stick you can easily find in your immediate environment, and by using a paracord, you can also easily make your won hunting sling.

Here are the steps on how to make a fishing spear the old fashioned way and a Paracord hunting sling.

1. How To Make A Fishing Spear The Old Fashioned Way

Step 1.

Get a stick or a sapling that is straight, tall, and at least two inches in diameter. First, you need to create a pressure cut around the perimeter of the stick at the thick end of it. You don’t need to carve the sapling; all you need to do is apply a heavy pressure while rotating your knife around it.


Step 2.

When you’re done making the pressure cut, the next thing you need to do is to carve away on the short side. As you shave away the sapling or the stick, the short end will become pointed and the long end remains flat.


Step 3.

Discard the short section of the sapling, by tapping it with the back of your knife.


Step 4.

Find a sturdy surface and then secure the other end of the stick on it. Place your knife across the freshly broken end of the sapling.


Step 5.

Get a wrist-thick piece of wood, use this wood to tap the back of your knife. This will help you split the sapling easily.


Step 6.

After tapping your knife, push it down to split the sapling. Make sure that you do not go very far.


Step 7.

The next thing you’re going to do is to make another split. Make another split that is perpendicular to the first. The end of the sapling is now divided into four even sections.


Step 8.

Get a piece of cordage at least 4 feet long.


Step 9.

Lash the cordage around the sapling at least 18 inches from the end.


Step 10.

Split the sapling farther until you reached the point where you have lashed it.


Step 11.

Get two small twigs. These twigs should be a bit longer than the width of the sapling.


Step 12.

Slide one twig up and close to the lashing, after that slide the other twig close to the first twig.


Step 13.

Lash the twigs tightly.


Step 14.

Shave the outside of each prong.


Step 15.

Shave the inside of each prong, and then sharpen all four prongs.


Here is the finish product. Now you can use it to catch fish.


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2. How To Make A Paracord Hunting Sling

Here are the steps on how to make a paracord hunting sling

– Tape Measure
– Scissors
– 60-foot Paracord: Three strands of 16 feet, One strand of 12 feet


Step 1

Get the 3 strands of 16 feet, locate the center and tie a string at the center to keep them together.


Step 2

Take the 3 strands and start making a simple braid.


Step 3

Braid the strands for a couple of inches. Fold the braid unto itself to make a finger loop.


Step 4

Pair the 3 strands with the other 3 strands on the other side of the braid. Create a simple braid with 2 strands each.


Step 5

When you have reached the desired length where the pouch is, stop braiding already. The pouch is usually place in the middle. Your braid should be at least 2 1/2 feet long. Once you’ve reached the length, stop braiding. Divide the six strands into two sections with 3 strands on each side.


Step 6

Get the 12-foot strand and then tie the center of the strand around the three strands. (The blue cord represents the 12-foot strand).


Step 7

You will now be creating the pouch using one side of the 12-foot strand. Start by weaving the strand through the three strands on one side of the braid. (The blue cord represents the 12-foot strand).


Step 8

Continue weaving until you have reached the desired length of the pouch. (The 12-foot strand is shown in black).


Step 9

There’s is nothing to worry about if you have and excess cord in the pouch. You can leave it like that and go back to it later.

Now that you’re done making the one side of the pouch, untie the knot at the center of the 12-foot strand. Make a weave on the other strands using the other half of the 12-foot strand. You will now have created the two side of the pouch, and it will look just like this:


Step 10

When you’re done creating the two sides of the pouch, lay them over each other. Get the six strands together and divide them into three groups. Make a two-strand weave just like what you did on the other side of the pouch. (Make sure that the two sides of the pouch have the same length).


Step 11

Continue weaving until you have reached the same length as the other side of the pouch. When the two sides have the same length, tie a knot and cut off the excess cord.


Step 12

Tie the excess cord from the 12-foot strand on the pouch. Make a simple knot around the braid and cut off the excess cord.


Now you’re done making your paracord hunting sling.



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