Choosing a Survival Backpack – Things to Consider

does your BOB have everything you needComfort and fit

It is important that you look for a bag that is comfortable to wear. You can consider the following features in choosing a bag:

  •   Choose a bag that has hip straps and hip padding.
  •  You must also consider the width of the straps.
  •  Look for a bag that has a sternum clip.
  •  Choose a bag that allow for airflow.
  •  Check the bag if there are hard objects that may rub or poke into you
  •  You can also check if the bag is designed for a particular gender
  • Check if the straps and clips are adjustable

Volume and mass

The size of your bag depends on how much space do you want in your bag. You may consider these things:

  • How many things will you be putting on your bag?
  • What are the things that you will be putting on your bag?
  • The more things you will put in your bag the heavier the load you will carry.


Choose a bag that has separate compartments. It is easier for you to get the things that you need. Storing all your things in one large compartment is not a good idea. For example, you cut yourself and you need your medical kit. Imagine if you have to dig all through the things that are in your bag to get your medical kit. It is definitely a bad idea.

Most modern bags have a lot of compartments and there are also some options where you can attach small satellite bags. If you are packing a lot of things this bag is ideal for you. Putting large items in the main compartment and smaller things in the smaller pouches makes it easier for you to find things when you are in a hurry.

Useful Features

In choosing a bag you must also consider the features that are useful to you.

Here are some useful features that can help increase your chance of survival while bugging out:

  • Hydration Bladder Compatibility – use for carrying a large amount of water for long distance travel.
  • Rain Hood – keeps your gear dry and preserve it optimally when needed.
  • MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatibility – pronounced as “molly”. You can add compatible accessories to a MOLLE compatible bag.

We recommend:

Tactical Assault Pack – Combat Rucksack – 17″ Military MOLLE Backpack 27L

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