Survival Tools

Fire Starters Product Review

Every outdoor survival enthusiast knows that fire starters are an incredibly important tool out in the wilderness. That is the reason why 9 out of 10 outdoor adventurers always carry with them their favorite fire starters in their backpacks . Today, there are so many fire starter products in the market to choose from. Each…

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Preparing Your Kids for Any Survival Situation

When you read most of the information that’s written for survivalists these days, it almost seems like it’s written for a bunch of guys heading out to the wilderness alone. No wives, no kiddies, just a bunch of guys who are going to go play mountain man and then return back home when things return…

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4 Top Rated Survival Knives

In any survival situation having a good knife can be the difference between life and death. And owning some quality survival knives is a must not only for outdoor adventurers but for all as well. It’s one of the top 3 things every single person should have in their Bug Out Bag. The problem is:…

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DIY: Mints Tin Survival Kit

Those empty mints or candy tins can be repurposed into a DIY Tin Survival Kit to carry various survival items for your EDC or BOB. The following infographic shows you 12 items that can fit in a tiny mints tin including a small knife, fire starter, tinder, signal mirror, whistle, fishing kit and more. Check it…

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7 Unusual and Weird Survival Tools

Today I’m sharing some really weird survival items you don’t usually think about adding in your prep kit, BOB or stash. 1. Cigarette Tobacco can be a survival tool too. Cigarette can be used for medicinal purposes. How? Cigarette can act as an anti-parasitic. How? Eating cigarette can get gut worms out of your system.…

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12 Must Have Survival Tools

Disaster scenarios are occurring with a much greater frequency than at any time in history.  Whether it is a natural disaster or manmade disaster, you and your family must be prepared for anything.  In order to increase your family’s chances of survival in a disaster scenario you should have the following things: 1.    Water purification…

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