Survival Shelters

Can You Convert Your Home to Passive Solar Heating?

In modern day America, most homes are heated with natural gas or electricity. Natural gas provides clean, inexpensive heat, which is distributed through the home by forced air. While electricity isn’t as cheap, it is distributed in a similar way. Either one will keep the family living in that home warm and comfortable. These two…

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Backpacking Tents Review: Lynx 1 vs Yodo vs Snugpak

Is the urban life giving too much pressure on your daily lives? Have you been dreaming of experiencing breath-taking views and picture perfect landscapes? Yes? Well, maybe it’s time for you to unwind and go on that needed outdoor adventure that you have been dreaming and planning for so long. But before you embark on…

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Is This The Perfect House For Surviving When SHTF or What?

This cabin is situated deep within the Adirondack State Park in Upstate New York and it is built on top of a cold-war era missile silo. It could just be the perfect abode for surviving an apocalypse scenario‚Ķ The above-ground home is 2,000 square feet. But if you use the keypad entry to the basement,…

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