Survival Lessons

Primitive Traps for Catching Food in the Woods

If you are out there in the wild and you need food, there are different ways to fill your plate. Using primitive methods to get food is not easy. A person who uses traps to acquire foods, usually have many traps with him. These primitive methods used for catching food have been here for a…

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What is Crisis Survivor Tips about?

The Crisis Survivor Tips website is all about prepping for and surviving any form of crisis that can happen in these modern times. When SHTF, (Note, it is not even a question of ‘IF’ it will happen, but ‘when’) are you prepared, do you have what it takes to survive? Disasters come in various forms.…

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The Uses of Bamboo in a Survival Situation

Bamboos are found in diverse climates – from cold mountains to hot tropical regions – and they are also some of the fastest-growing plants in the world. In a survival situation, the bamboo can be really useful for survival. For centuries already, the bamboo has been regarded as one of the most useful and beneficial…

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