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Winter Survival in the Woods

Surviving in the wintertime is much more challenging than in the summertime. Not only is there cold and snow to content with, but food is not as plentiful as it is in summertime. Making matters worse, the body needs more food in the wintertime, in order to produce heat. In ancient times, many people starved…

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20 Essential Survival Uses for Pantyhose

Pantyhose have awesome potential as a multi-purpose tool and deserve a place in your survival kit and is useful for all sorts of things in both temporary and long-term disasters. Photo: Here are 20 ways you can use pantyhose for survival: 1. Stay Warm. Wearing pantyhose will help you stay warm. Note: Men may have…

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How To Make A Fishing Hook The Old Fashioned Way

I’ve shared an article before about how to make a fishing hook using thorns. In this post, I’m sharing another tutorial, this one via It shows a different way to fashion a fishing hook in the style of the primitive people. Materials Making a primitive fishing hook is easy, and you will need natural…

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