Survival Firestarter

Fire Starters Product Review

Every outdoor survival enthusiast knows that fire starters are an incredibly important tool out in the wilderness. That is the reason why 9 out of 10 outdoor adventurers always carry with them their favorite fire starters in their backpacks . Today, there are so many fire starter products in the market to choose from. Each…

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Blazer Self-Igniting Butane Micro-Torch Review

There are survival situations where you need to start a fire really quickly. If you’ve fallen in a river, say, and your temperature is quickly falling and your pile of tinder is damp, the fastest way you can start a fire is with a micro-torch or a small hand-held, easy to carry torch. A micro-torch…

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Fire Starter Review: Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel

Survivalists and outdoors men and women usually have three or more different fire starters in their packs at all times: water proof matches, fire starter tablets, lighters, firesteel, etc. The ability to build fire is very important in a survival scenario; your very life depends on it. So when going camping, hiking or when prepping,…

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