Food Storage

Protect Your Stored Supplies From Moisture

How can you Protect Your Stored Supplies From Moisture? Well, that is just one of the many problems that you can face in storing supplies is moisture. Moisture is a big problem for your supplies such as medical supplies, survival equipment, and most especially food supplies. A lot of materials can be damaged by moisture…

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Rules for Safe Home Canning

When creating a food storage for crisis preparedness, canned foods are always in the list. You can stock up on commercially canned food items but you can also can your own foods for storage at home. Canning is a fun, easy and rewarding activity that gives that feeling of satisfaction that you’re being self-reliant. If…

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5 Food Prepping Mistakes to Avoid

Storing food is one of the core tenets of survivalism. With food stored, the effects of any crisis or disaster, whether long-term or short-term can be mitigated. As it is, many preppers invest a considerable amount of time and resources in stockpiling food. Needless to say, there is no room for mistakes when storing food…

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When Food Supplies Run Out, What’s Next?

Every crisis situation has the possibility of becoming long term, lasting a lot longer than anticipated. Survivalists always have food stored, but when the crisis extends, and the food runs out, what will you do next? Many preppers have food stockpile that can last at least two weeks. Some build their storage to ensure nourishment…

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