How to Filter Dirty Water Using Only a Piece of String

Here’s a bit of know-how worth having: filtering dirty water using a piece of string. Now a good, reliable filter is preferable in all situations however, IF you are in a real pinch and you have no other means of purifying water, then you can use string or paracord. Read this interesting article on purifying…

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Ways to Desalinate Water in an Emergency

Ninety-seven percent of the water in the world is tied up in the ocean, the remaining 3 percent is found in groundwater, ice, lakes, and streams. When you look at the numbers, the ocean’s reserves can be the number one source of water when it comes to an emergency situation. But, ocean water is not…

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Water

You cannot afford to make mistakes in your disaster preps; not only will it cost you money and resources, it might also be fatal to you and your family when the crisis strikes. You already know how important water is for survival: you can survive without food for 3 weeks, but you can only survive…

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