Starting a Fire in Wet Weather

When I think of bugging out, my imagination makes it seem like an extended camping trip. The weather is beautiful, the fish can’t wait to jump on my hook, there are berries in the woods and an occasional deer stops right in my sights, and starting a fire is just like second nature. Ahh, it…

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The Ultimate Bug Out Plan…With Kids!

Bugging out with kids can be a challenge. In fact, it can be enough of a challenge that I would try to avoid it, unless absolutely necessary. Kids have a hard enough time traveling when you go on vacation, a bug out will be considerably worse. In any bug out plan, you have to assume…

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Fire Starters Product Review

Every outdoor survival enthusiast knows that fire starters are an incredibly important tool out in the wilderness. That is the reason why 9 out of 10 outdoor adventurers always carry with them their favorite fire starters in their backpacks . Today, there are so many fire starter products in the market to choose from. Each…

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Preparing Your Kids for Any Survival Situation

When you read most of the information that’s written for survivalists these days, it almost seems like it’s written for a bunch of guys heading out to the wilderness alone. No wives, no kiddies, just a bunch of guys who are going to go play mountain man and then return back home when things return…

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Be Self-Sufficient for Under $15 a Week

It is possible to become more prepared, without having to spend a fortune. Every step you take towards self-sufficiency is to your benefit, even if it’s a small step. Those steps are still worth taking, because they will ultimately put you in a position of being ready for everything.

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26 Ways On How To Become Self-Sufficient

1. Grow your own garden Growing food in your own backyard can save you more money like cutting the cost of your groceries or you can avoid on eating out. It’s also a way for you to be self-sufficient. The cost of fuel these days are increasing rapidly which affects the cost of food. Families…

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