Top 3 Portable Solar Chargers Review

If you are an outdoor person and you love to travel, then, issues regarding low battery are not new to you.  Sometimes, even in the confines of our homes, problems on low battery are still experienced. All of the gadgets that we are using today depend on electrically charged batteries in order to function. But…

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Top 3 Best Machetes For Survival Review

Most if not all outdoor survival enthusiasts agree that machetes are very essential tool in any outdoor survival adventure. From clearing brushes, chopping wood, gathering firewood, and building shelter, having a machete in hand can make work more efficient. Survival machetes can also serve as a great all around cutting tool for just about any…

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A Review of the Three Best Survival Stoves Today

For outdoor lovers and survival enthusiasts alike, weight is an obsession. This is the main reason why 9 out of 10 backpackers prefer survival tools that are lightweight, portable and with multi-function properties. One of the most commonly used and carried survival tool among campers is the survival stove; a stove that is not only…

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Tactical Knives with Multi-tool Functions Review

When going on outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, fishing, or other forms of survival outdoor adventures, one of the most important tools that should never be left behind or forgotten is the survival knife. And as far as survival knives are concerned, we have a variety of available options – including of course, ones…

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Fire Starter Product Review

Every outdoor survival enthusiast knows that fire starters are an incredibly important tool out in the wilderness. That is the reason why 9 out of 10 outdoor adventurers always carry with them their favorite fire starters in their backpacks . Today, there are so many fire starter products in the market to choose from. Each…

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Backpacking Tents Review: Lynx 1 vs Yodo vs Snugpak

Is the urban life giving too much pressure on your daily lives? Have you been dreaming of experiencing breath-taking views and picture perfect landscapes? Yes? Well, maybe it’s time for you to unwind and go on that needed outdoor adventure that you have been dreaming and planning for so long. But before you embark on…

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