Evacuation Plans

The Right Attitude, The Most Important Survival “Tool”

Amidst all the work of stockpiling supplies and preparing survival equipment, it can be easy to forget about preparing the most important piece of survival equipment of all. In fact, some people do the exact opposite, fueling their fear. If there’s anything that can kill you in a survival situation, it’s having too much fear.…

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Finding The Perfect Retreat Area In A Crisis

A question I commonly get asked by people who read my free family survival newsletter is – what makes a perfect retreat area? Meaning, that if SHTF where would be the best place to retreat to? It’s important to understand that there is no one size fits all answer to this question. There are two…

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The 3 Rules Of Prepping

There are 3 rules to prepping I always follow: Keep it secret Have a bug out location Backup your backup Keep It Secret It wouldn’t do to let everybody know you’re preparing for a SHTF event because when the inevitable happens, all eyes will turn on you – everyone will want to have a share…

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