How To Harvest Rainwater For Your Survival Needs

Sometimes we take rainwater for granted especially if water supply is abundant. But in places where there is limited source of water and drought is a common occurrence,  rain water collection is very essential not only for plants and animals but for human survival as well. But if you think rainwater harvesting is as easy…

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Installing a Wood-Burning Stove Temporarily for Emergency Heat

One of the biggest problems associated with a loss of electrical power isn’t the loss of our televisions and computers; it’s the loss of heat. Home heating is all controlled electronically, so without electricity, it doesn’t work. Even gas heat or hot water heat won’t work, as electricity is needed for the blowers and pumps…

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Convert Your Home to Passive Solar Heating

Can you convert your home to passive solar heating? In modern day America, most homes are heated with natural gas or electricity. Natural gas provides clean, inexpensive heat, which is distributed through the home by forced air. While electricity isn’t as cheap, it is distributed in a similar way. Either one will keep the family…

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Home Repair Supplies to Store for Emergency Situations

When we talk about what to store for our emergency needs, the most common things that comes to our minds are food, water, medical and other standard supplies. But what about if it is not us who needs emergency supplies but our homes? then, home repair supplies is your answer. Since our homes can be…

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Stockpiling For Your Kids While Letting Them Pitch-in A little Work

If you have children, that’s of course going to factor into your stockpiling. Most people calculate their food needs based upon everyone eating adult portions, even though most of their family is children. That’s a pretty good way to do things, as it provides you with some buffer in your food stocks. Besides, teens, especially…

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Kids Chores & Safety 101!

Children today tend to rebel against the idea of doing some kids chores. They feel that they deserve to be given what they want, without having to do anything for it. That’s a manifestation of today’s entitlement mentality. A large part of our population thinks that they are entitled to receive what they need to…

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