First Aid Kit

9 Things to Pack When Traveling

Whether it’s your first time traveling or the hundredth time, there are still essential things to pack when traveling to consider. And packing the right stuff for your travels is still a tricky one. Yes, you may have packed the right clothes and the right pair of shoes but what about the small things? Some…

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Building a Survival First-Aid Kit

Any survival situation challenges us in all areas of our lives. We are challenged to find enough food and water, keep ourselves warm, defend ourselves from danger and even maintain our health in a decidedly unhealthy situation. Let’s face it, the risks are high in any survival situation. What makes it worse is that we…

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Must Have 12 Over-The-Counter Drugs

Medicines are one of the most essential items you must include in your first aid kit. Of course you need to store medicines if you or a member of your family has a condition that needs to be treated. Storing Over-The-Counter Drugs is important; you might need them in case of emergency and to help…

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