Bug Out Bag vs Get Home Bag

Bug Out Bag vs Get Home Bag, what’s the difference? Bug Out Bag (BOB) and Get Home Bag are both essential to preppers. These bags are both kinds of a survival kit. However, their purposes are different to each other and are carried differently.

A BOB is where you put your food, water, shelter, and other things you need when going to your bug out location. A Get Home Bag is typically smaller than a BOB. You bring this bag with you all the time; you also put fewer things in it.

Get Home Bag

Choosing the items to put in your Get Home Bag is not as easy as choosing the items to put in your BOB. Your BOB only stays at your house or at your car until it is time to go to your bug out location. Because of that, you have more time deciding what to put in your BOB.

Unlike a BOB, a Get Home Bag is the one you carry with you all the time. You need to be more selective about the things you put into it, so that you can carry it easier and more comfortably.

Things to put in your Get Home Bag

–          Filter water bottle

–          Handgun and ammunition

–          Food/Snacks

–          Local Map

–          Fire building tools

–          Multitool

–          Paracord or any strong cord

–          Compass

–          Extra Cash

–          Flashlight

–          Extra batteries

–          Clothing

–          Salt

–          Tampon

–          At least 4 adhesive bandages

–          Antiseptic wipes

Other Items

–          Toilet Paper

–          Duct tape

–          Poncho

–          Lip Balm

–          Tooth brush

–          Tooth paste

–          Underwear

How to choose a good Get Home Bag?

Choose a bag that is small, comfortable, easy and convenient to carry. A side-carry bag and a sling pack great to use for a get home bag.

You can put a lot of items in a side-carry bag and it’s comfortable to carry. An example of a side-carry bag is the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack.

A sling pack is like a backpack, but it is smaller and also worn on the back. A sling pack has a single sling that allows you to slide the pack to your chest, which makes it easier to get items from your pack. An example of a sling pack is a Maxpedition Noatak Gearslinger.

Bug Out Bag

Your BOB should contain goods that help protect you from harsh elements and keep you nourished and hydrated while you travel to your bug out place. Some of the essential items that you need to put in your BOB are water, food, first aid kit, and fire building tools.

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