BOB Packing Tips

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Before you put your items in your BOB you should learn first how to pack them the right way. Knowing how to pack a BOB correctly will help you locate the items that you’ll need easily. Here are some ideas for packing a BOB the right way:

Keep It Simple – Pack Only The Necessary Things That You Need

When you are in a survival situation it is important to pack only the things that you need. Make a list of the things you need to pack in your BOB. A lot of people don’t like making lists but lists simplify things and ensure that you do not miss or overlook something when prepping. Check your BOB list every now and then.

Check Expiration Dates

In packing foods, medicines, and vitamins it is important for you to check their expiration dates. Don’t pack foods that spoil easily or make sure to eat them before they go bad.

Leave Some Space

Leave some space in your bug out bag for important things that you might come across while preparing.

Pack Things Wisely

Packing wisely will save you money. Pack the right items in your BOB now to avoid having to change these later.

Duplicate Items

Back up your backups. If you can have a second BOB with duplicate items in it, then have one. This will ensure that if something happens and you lose your first BOB or some of the items in it, you have a fall back and you remain ready.

What to Pack in Your BOB

It is important that you know the things to put in your BOB. These items can make a big difference between life and death and it will also affect your level of comfort during a survival situation.

There are a lot of things that you can put in your BOB, but when you’re preparing for survival situations, pack only the necessary things that you and your family need.

The most important items your bug out bag should include are:

  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • First aid kit
  • Radio/Communication equipments
  • Shelter
  • Self-protection items
  • Fire building tools
  • Others – a good multitool, a small tool kit, extra clothing, map/compass, duct tape, other extra items you want to include

Check out this Lifesaving Bug Out Bag Checklist.

You should also choose the right bag to use and carry your bug out stuff. Here’s a simple guide on choosing the right bug out bag.

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