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Tactical Knives with Multi-tool Functions Review

When going on outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, fishing, or other forms of survival outdoor adventures, one of the most important tools that should never be left behind or forgotten is the survival knife. And as far as survival knives are concerned, we have a variety of available options – including of course, ones…

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Backpacking Tents Review: Lynx 1 vs Yodo vs Snugpak

Is the urban life giving too much pressure on your daily lives? Have you been dreaming of experiencing breath-taking views and picture perfect landscapes? Yes? Well, maybe it’s time for you to unwind and go on that needed outdoor adventure that you have been dreaming and planning for so long. But before you embark on…

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The Pill Bottle Survival Kit That Could Save Your Life

You can’t carry around lots of survival kits everyday. Most people make small survival kits so that they could easily carry them everywhere they go. Making your own survival kit with the use of a pill bottle is easy. All you have to do is think of the things that you can put in the…

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26 Ways On How To Become Self-Sufficient

1. Grow your own garden Growing food in your own backyard can save you more money like cutting the cost of your groceries or you can avoid on eating out. The cost of fuel these days are increasing rapidly which affects the cost of food. Families with the average income will be the ones who…

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5 Survival Uses of Your Broken Mobile Phone

Don’t throw your broken mobile phones away because far from being useless, they can actually be useful during an off-grid survival scenario. In this infographic from, you’ll find out how to make 5 survival tools using some parts from a broken cell phone.

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19 Brilliant Ways to Re-Use Silica Gel

The packets of silica gel found in vitamin bottles, boxes of new shoes, and packages of some food are usually thrown away without a second thought. But these desiccants that absorb moisture can actually be re-used. Mother Nature Network offers the following ways to keep silica gels out of landfills a bit longer… Put packs…

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