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Hi, my name is Mike Eagle. I’m just a regular family guy, lucky husband to a wonderful woman and blessed with 3 great kids, but I’m also a dedicated survivalist. I’ve spent more than a decade preparing for the hard times – which I believe is already here. My personal experiences have turned me into an expert on survival training.

Preparation – this is the best way to preserve life! If you’re unprepared, how do you expect to survive a sudden catastrophe, natural or man-made? A sudden, short power failure can already throw you off your routine if you’re not ready for such an event, what more if the event is of a larger scale?

We’re seeing – and feeling – a lot of unexplainable weather changes these days: more frequent and stronger hurricanes, strings of tornadoes, frigid weather, etc. And news on TV is riddled with the horrifying acts of terror of men against fellow men! We are living in troubled times and anything could happen.

Being ready for anything that could happen is just practical, it’s common sense. Yes there are lots of things to be prepared for – hurricanes, food crisis, economic crisis, hostile EMP attacks, etc. – but if you know the basics of survivalism, then you’re ready to take anything on.

I will be using this blog to share my survival expertise with you. I know how much you want to protect your loved ones and all the people that are important to you and I’m here to help you. So stay posted.

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