12 Everyday Items That Can Be Used For Survival

Do you know the everyday items that can be used for survival?

It’s important that you do.

Because not only are they super helpful – they just could get you out of an incredibly tricky situation one day.

These items we commonly see around us can be re-purposed to serve us in an emergency scenario. If you get stranded by a storm or blizzard while travelling or camping, knowing the survival uses of basic items you have with you can save your life.

Take a look at the following 12 everyday items that can be used for survival:

1. Sockssocks

Socks keep your feet warm and comfortable but in a survival situation, socks can be used to strain water. Socks are not effective at removing microorganisms of course so after removing particles, boil the water to be safe. Other uses of socks in a survival scenario are: as gloves, potholder, pouch, sling or bandage, ear muffs, heat pack, weapon (if filled with rock) and as a pillow when stuffed.

2. Condoms

You can use a condom to store drinking water in. It can hold 1.5 liters of water so if you can find drinkable water, a condom is a great vessel to carry it. Other survival uses of condoms are: as a floatation device, slingshot, latex glove, tourniquet and hair tie.

3. Soda can

If you have a soda can with you, you can use it to signal for help. The bottom part of the soda can reflects the sun well so you can signal rescuers. Other uses for this everyday item include: as a drinking receptacle, as a pot for boiling water, the tab can be fashioned into a fishhook.

An aluminum can can also be fashioned into a camping stove. You can see how to make one here.

4. Paper clip

This simple often taken-for-granted item can be very useful in a survival scenario. The many possible uses of this clip include: as splint for minor injuries of toes and fingers, antenna for small electronics, as fingernail cleaner, as an emergency fishhook, as a component for making a compass, as a safety pin and as a threading tool.

5. Dental floss

Dental floss is strong enough to be used to bind objects together like sticks to build a makeshift shelter. They can also be used to make snares for catching small animals or as a fishing line. Dental floss can also be used to hang food or clothes, to stitch wounds, to make a net and to mend clothing.

6. Bandana

A bandana is used as protection from the sun. but in a survival scenario, a bandana can have many other uses: as a breathing aid in smoky, dusty and cold conditions; as tourniquet or sling; potholder; as towel; as an eye patch; as a trail marker and as a pouch.

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7. Panty hose or nylons

In an emergency situation, these can be used as a rope to tie items together, as water filter and as they are also elastic, they can be used as a giant rubber band.

8. Garbage bags

The most important survival use of a trash bag is to keep you warm. It traps heat next to your body so it is a great item to use to ward off hypothermia. Other uses of a garbage bag are: as a rain jacket, as makeshift shelter material, as a buoyancy device, as a vessel to hold water, as a sling, as a tourniquet, as a ground cover or as a mattress when filled with leaves and grass and other soft debris.

9. Tampon

This absorbent feminine hygiene item can be used to dress wounds, filter out debris in water, used as fire tinder and as a survival straw filter.

10. Compact mirror

A mirror is an excellent way to signal rescuers or airplanes more than 100 miles away! Position the mirror so it reflects sunlight and flash would-be rescuers. A mirror can also be used to build fire in the right conditions.

glasses11. Eye glasses

If you wear glasses, then you can use those to build a fire and send out a distress signal. The glasses reflect sunlight so you can flash passersby or rescue personnel. If the lens of your glasses is made of glass not plastic, you can use it to start a fire. Gather some tinder and hold your glass a foot from the tinder. Angle it so that the sun concentrates on a small spot. Hold the position until the tinder starts smoldering. Blow on the tinder gently to ignite it. Add kindling to strengthen the fire.

You can also dismantle your glasses and use the wiring as a fish hook or as a small tool.

12. Hand sanitizer

When stranded in the wild in a survival scenario, building a fire is one of the necessary things you need to do. Most hand sanitizers are flammable so they can be used to start a fire quickly by adding it to lint (from your socks or sweater) or cotton.

Take note of these 12 everyday items that can be used for survival. If you are caught in an emergency scenario, you know which of the items you have with you can actually save you and help you get rescued.

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  1. George Henson on April 25, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Great info. Thank you. Who would have thought of a woman’s tampon for filtering water. Will be back for more.

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