10 Must-Have Survival Kit List

SurvivalWhat’s in your survival kit? No doubt items that will help you make it through a survival scenario when SHTF or when in the wilderness. As a prepper or survivalist, the items in your kit will greatly depend on your skills, the time of the year as well as the environment you expect to be in. These items when combined with basic survival skills including fire building, shelter building, food hunting/foraging and water purification can really help you get through the challenge.

We have a list of items that you should always have or add in your survival kit.

1. Knife
A heavy-duty non-folding knife is highly useful for making shelter, building fire, hunting for food and for harvesting wild edibles. A trusted knife can also be a weapon when the situation calls for one.

2. Water purification tools
It could be time consuming to purify water by boiling or other primitive methods. So having water purification tablets, pump filter or water filtering bottle can save you lots of precious energy which you can use for other things.

3. Lighter
Lighters are lightweight and not bulky so you can carry several. A lighter is an easy and efficient way to start a fire for cooking food or boiling water or warmth.

4. Matches
Sometimes lighters malfunction and they do run out of fuel. Include waterproof matches in your kit as well.

5. A compass
Excellent navigational skill is invaluable but even having this skill won’t help you much on a foggy or overcast day especially if you happen to be in an area you are not very familiar with. Adding a compass in your survival tools list can help ensure you always find your way.

6. Flashlight
Often in a survival situation, it gets dark sooner than you can build a shelter or gather firewood. A flashlight can help you gather materials for your shelter or fire. It can also be used to signal for help in the dark.

7. Paracord
Parachute cord has a lot of uses in a survival situation: you can tie your stuff together so they are easier to carry, you can use it to construct a shelter, use it to lower items or yourself from a height, use it to repair torn clothing, use it as a tow rope and many other uses.

8. Mess kit bowl

A small mess kit bowl can be used to collect water and cook food you find in the wild. The bowl can also alternate as a container for your other smaller survival tools.

9. Wool blanket
When outdoors, you will need all the extra warmth you can get. Though you can construct shelter using debris you find in your immediate environment, having a simple wool blanket can shield you from cold for a restful sleep.

10. First aid supplies
Make sure your first aid kit is complete with all the basic supplies. In the wild or backcountry, injury is not uncommon and just a simple wound when untreated can fester and slowly weaken you.

Make sure all these items are all included in your survival items list. Though having all these in your kit is no guarantee that you will survive, they do increase your chances of making it out of the situation alive.


  1. Irish-7 on August 23, 2013 at 3:49 am

    I prefer the military canteen cup to a mess kit bowl. The older type with the fixed handle are actually better than the new kind with dual, swinging handles.

  2. iDelphic on August 27, 2013 at 12:25 am

    If you use a Stainless Steel water bottle, then you have all you need to deal with water needs.

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