9 Duct Tape Projects for Survivalists

Duct tape is a very useful item for survival purposes. It has a lot uses that can save your life. But aside from being a potential lifesaver, duct tape can also be used to make different DIY projects.

Here are the 9 duct tape projects for survivalists:

Duct tape kayak


You can make a kayak with the use of duct tape, cedar strips, and wood glue. Making kayak using these materials can take up to two days of work.

Learn how to make this project here.

Duct Tape Typhoon Pants

typhoon pants

Duct tape pants can be helpful especially for rainy days. You can use these pants when you go for a trip in the wild and you don’t have or you need an extra rain gear.

Learn how to make this project here.



Making pouches using duct tape are easy. You can use them wherever you go and you don’t to worry about your things getting wet because these pouches are also waterproof.

Learn how to make this project here.



Make a wallet using duct tape to keep your money and other items in your wallet dry.

Learn how to make this project here.



Making a duct tape belt is easy; all you need are 25 inches of duct tape and two D-rings.

Learn how to make this project here.

Knife Sheath


If you don’t have a knife sheath, you can make one using a duct tape and you don’t have to buy expensive knife sheath in stores.

Learn how to make this project here.



Make your own hammock, which you can use for your camping trips and others.

Learn how to make this project here.



You can actually make shoes using duct tape and cardboard that you can use.

Learn how to make this project here.

Fish net

fish catcher

Use this DIY fish net to catch fish for food. Duct tape fish net is easy to make, all you need is an old tennis rocket and some duct tape.

Learn how to make this project here.

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